Gmail contact stored in CSV File? Learn how you can import or restore them.

Gmail has a feature of automatically adding those people to your Gmail Contact with whom you had a conversation with. This feature can be immensely annoying as this may lead to hundreds of random contacts in your Gmail account. It is always advised that you should export your Gmail contacts to CSV file before deleting these unnecessary contacts as sometimes users delete the important contacts along with the unwanted ones.

In case you have deleted an important contact or you have a big mailing list which is very difficult to be entered manually then you will need to restore or import your Gmail contacts from CSV file.

In this article, we are providing a simple step by step procedure to import or restore Gmail contact from CSV File for those users who already have stored contacts in a CSV File.

Instructions to Import or Restore your Gmail contacts from CSV File

CSV (comma separated values) file stores the data in a tabular structured format and these files looks like a Google spreadsheet in appearance with the .csv extension. 

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to import or restore your Gmail contacts from a CSV File.

  1. First of all, login to the Gmail account in which you want to import or restore your Gmail contacts from CSV file.
  2. As the new version of Google contact does not support importing or restoring Gmail contacts from CSV file. You will be required to visit the old version of Google contacts.
  3. As soon as you reach the old version of Google contacts you will find the import button.
  4. Click “Import” button just below the “New Group” option
  5. Now select the CSV file to upload (from which you want to import or restore your Gmail Contacts).
  6. Gmail supports importing the CSV files from Outlook Express, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Eudora and some other apps as well. Google also supports importing vCard from apps such as Apple Address Book
  7. Finally, Click “Import” followed by “Ok” and your contacts will be imported or restored.

After Importing Gmail Contacts from CSV File

  • As soon as you import the Gmail contact from a CSV file, Gmail will detect the duplicate email address automatically and merge these entries.
  • Gmail will not delete the odd email address in case any contact is updated. You will get two email addresses for such contacts.