How to get rid of Automatic Signature in Gmail?

Annoyed with Automatic Signatures under Emails? Learn how to turn it off in Gmail.

Google allows its Gmail users to add a signature to their email. In addition to this, the Gmail user can even set up a different signature for every email account that they may have added into their Gmail. Usually, the automatic signatures are added into the emails to make them more attractive and convenient. But sometimes, the signature doesn’t look as good as the user likes to.

If you are one of those gmail users who are annoyed with their automatic signatures being added at the end of every email then you should follow the instructions given in this tutorial to remove automatic signatures in Gmail?

Common reason why users turn off their Automatic Signature in Gmail?

  1. Changing the contact details: Generally, people like to add their phone number or alternate email id into the Gmail signature so that people can contact them when required. However, in case the person changes the contact details mentioned in the signature then it becomes necessary to change the Automatic signature.
  1. Changing the organization: It is obvious that if your company or organization name is added to your signature then you will like to change it so that it would not look like you are sending an email on the company’s behalf.
  2. Getting annoyed due to Automatic Signature in replies: Imagine you are having a long conversation with anyone through email then signature in every reply will look awful.

How to remove automatic Email signature in Gmail?

Follow the steps mentioned below to remove the email signature from Gmail

how to remove Automatic Signature in Gmail

  1. First of all, login to your Gmail account and click on the Settings gear icon from the top right corner.
  2. Now, click on “Settings” from the opened menu.
  3. Open the General Tab.
  4. Ensure that No signature is selected under the signature option. Gmail have a feature of saving your signature, you don’t have to re-enter your signature when you will decide to turn on your signature again.
  5. Finally, click on save changes.

Practices you should follow while using Email signature

In case you decide to turn on your signature back then it is advised that you should follow the below mentioned practices:

  • Keep your signature simple: The signature should look soothing; it is advised not to add signatures that are too funky especially if you are using gmail for professional purposes.
  • Don’t add essential information in embedded images: Embedded images may get lost in forwards and replies, so you should not add in essential information in embedded images.
  • Keep it short: An ideal signature should contain only three or fewer lines which should be separated from the body of the message by a line consisting of only three hyphens.
  • Do not add any political Quotes: As you never know, to whom your email may get forwarded. So it is recommended not to use any hot social or political quote in your signature.
  • Never add personal details: Email with a signature can be forwarded to anyone, so it is also recommended that you should not add any of such information in your signature that is too personal for you to share.

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