How to check, setup or change a Secondary E-mail address in Gmail?

Keep your Gmail account safe. Know how to update secondary Gmail address.

In this fast and busy world, it is more than just a possibility that someday you might forget your Gmail password. In that case, you have to prove your identity to the Google then only it will provide you access to your Gmail account and let you reset your Gmail password. You can provide your identification to Google via recovery phone number or via secondary E-mail address. The importance of having a secondary or alternate email address increases immensely if you do not have a recovery phone number added to your account.

So, to keep your Gmail account safe it is necessary that you should have a secondary email account added to your Gmail. In this post, we will let you know how to set up, check, and change a secondary Gmail address.

Adding a Secondary Email address for Password Recovery

The secondary email address can help you tremendously in Gmail Password recovery.  Follow the steps mentioned below in order to add a secondary Gmail address.

  1. Visit your Google account page and follow the Google password recovery link.
  2. Enter your Gmail password and click on verify.
  3. Now, click on “Add or remove email address” link under the Email option.
  4. Enter the secondary email address under the “Add an additional email address” option. However, there are few points you should be aware of before adding a secondary email in Gmail.
    1. The secondary email address should be the one which you can access anytime.
    2. Restrict yourself from adding school, university or work email addresses as they are more likely to change.
    3. The email addresses with your personal domain are considered better.
    4. Make sure you keep updating the email addresses whenever they change.
    5. Do not add any other Gmail address as a Gmail address can be associated with one Gmail account only.
  5. Click on “Save” button after adding the secondary email.
  6. Close Gmail and sign in to the secondary email you have entered to your Gmail account.
  7. Open the verification email from Google. The message will come from “” having a subject line “Google Email verification”.
  8. Click on the link available in the Google verification email.
  9. Enter your Password once again (if asked)
  10. Click on verify.

That’s it! You have successfully added a secondary email address to Gmail.

Note: If you can’t find a Google verification Email in your secondary email, then you should check the spam or bulk mail folder.

How to update or change the Secondary Email address to Gmail for Password Recovery?

 Here is how to change or update a secondary Email in your Gmail account straight away.

change a Secondary E-mail address in Gmail

  1. Firstly, Login to your Gmail account in which you want to update the secondary Email address.
  2. Click on Gear icon available at the top right corner and click on “Settings”.
  3. Open “Accounts and Import” or Accounts tab.
  4. Click on “Change Password recovery options” available under change account settings.
  5. Now, scroll down to check “Account Recovery options” tab.
  6. Click on “Recovery Email”.
  7. You will be prompted to enter your password once again for your account security.
  8. Provide your Gmail account password.
  9. Click on Edit available right next to your present recovery email.
  10. Type the secondary email address you want to add and click on “Done”.

Note: You may not require verifying the secondary email address this time. So make sure you type the email address correctly.

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