Gmail Down – (is Gmail down today 2022)

When your Gmail is not loading at all or stopped working all of a sudden then it is quite normal for you to wonder if Gmail down or is it just me. Checking Gmail outage is one of the initial things that you should do when your Gmail stops working. It is very easy to check whether Gmail is down or not. All you have to do is visit the Google Status Dashboard Page. Many a time, it is also observed that there are some outages that are not known to Google. In such cases, you can also report these outages to Google as well.

In this tutorial, we will let know the correct method by which you may know whether Gmail down today or not. Additionally, we also provide you with instructions to report a Gmail outage to Google.

How to check if Gmail down today 2022

In case you are facing issues with your Gmail account then it is quite possible that you are not alone. There can be a service outage or disruption from the side of Google. That’s why it is strongly recommended to check Gmail current status 2022 before taking any action. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Firstly, you should visit the Google Status Dashboard webpage i.e.
  2. On this website, you should have a look at the Current status column available on the left-hand side.
  3. Locate “Gmail” in the current status column. Usually, you will find Gmail at the top of the column.
  4. Now, you should check the button appearing next to the Gmail. Different colors of the buttons indicate different things.
    1. Green Button: Green radio button indicates that the Gmail is not down at the moment and there is no known issue with the service.
    2. Orange Button: Orange button indicates that there is a Gmail service disruption.
    3. Red Button: Red button is the indication of service outage which means Gmail is down 2022.
  5. Now, you should go to today’s date column. Here you should check the row against Gmail and see if there is any comment available. Generally, when the button is red or orange there is a comment by Google indicating why there is a Gmail service outage and how long will it last.

Conclusions of checking the Gmail service status

Now, you know how to check Gmail status. Here are the following things you can conclude by checking Gmail outage 2022.

  • If the radio button is green it indicates that the service of Gmail is working fine and there is a problem with your Gmail account. In this situation, you should look for the solution to the particular Gmail problem you are facing.
  • In case the radio button against Gmail is red or orange then it is an indication that Gmail server is down. In also indicates that Google is aware of the issue and working in order to fix it. There is nothing you can do but to wait in this situation. Google will fix the outage as early as possible.

Note: It is also advised that you should subscribe to the Google Status Dashboard RSS feed. By doing this, you will get an up-to-date status report of Google Outages.

Fix Error and Issue through Gmail help center

When the color of the radio button appearing against Gmail is orange or red then you should visit the Gmail website to fix your problem. Here is what you should do on the Gmail Help center page.

  • Visit the Gmail official website for support.
  • Click on the “Fix a problem” button and choose the category for the problem you are facing.
  • The available categories for the issues are as follows:
    • Loading & display
    • Unwanted or suspicious emails
    • Gmail messages are missing
    • Sync & import
    • Can’t sign in to your Google account
    • Account
    • Rejected messages
  • After selecting the category, you can simply check the solution to the problem you are facing.

In case, you can’t find the solution to the problem you are encountering then it’s time to report it to Google.

How to report Gmail problem 2022

If Gmail is not working for you and as per the status report there is Gmail outage then you should report this problem to Google.

  • Open settings gear icon within your Gmail account.
  • From the drop-down menu that will appear, you have to select “Send Feedback” option.
  • In the feedback window, you should describe the complete details about the problem you are facing currently.
  • You may also include a screenshot of the problem you are facing however it is not necessary.

Note: You will be provided with a tool in order to take a screenshot and highlight certain things in the screen shot.

  • Finally, you just need to click on the “Send” button. You will get the solution as early as possible.

We hope that now you know how to check status to see if Gmail is down or not. However, if you have any kind of doubt then we recommend you to contact Google for further assistance. 

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