Change Font Color, Size, Face And Background Color In Gmail

Give you Emails a personalized look. Know how to add custom fonts and colors in Gmail

Whether you use Gmail for a personal or professional purpose, it can act as a perfect webmail service for you. One of the many awesome features that Gmail offers is that it let you add custom font size and colors in your Email messages. That’s not all, you can even change the background color of your Gmail messages to give it a more personalized look. This feature can be immensely helpful if you are using email messages to send greetings, birthday wishes or business quotations.

The customized font in Gmail works with all type of emails no matter if you are replying, forwarding or composing an all new message. You can combine these fancy fonts in Gmail with your Gmail signature to make your email messages even more attractive. In this article, we are providing all the details you should know in order to make your Emails more attractive using font size, color, and background.

How to change font size and format in Gmail?

It is very easy to change the size, format and other characteristics of text in Gmail. In order to do that you should follow the steps given below:

  1. Log into your Gmail account and click on the “Compose” button from the top left corner to start composing a new message.
  2. Enter a text and find the formatting options at the bottom of the compose message window.
  3. Select or highlight the text you want to change (you can set the formatting option even before writing the text)
  4. To change the font you should click on the font selector from the formatting option bar (Available just above the “Send” button on the compose message window).
  5. Select the font you want to set from the appeared list and the font will be changed straight away.
  6. Now to change the size, you should click on the button next to the font selector. This button is labeled with a big T along with a smaller T. The list of sizes will appear as soon as you click on the T button. Choose the correct size as per your requirement.
  7. In the formatting option bar, next three buttons are used to make the fonts Bold, Italic and underline respectively. You can activate these buttons as per your requirement.

Note: The feature to add a strikeout effect to a written text is not available in Gmail.

How to change font and background color in Gmail?

If you want a background incorporating with the image of Gmail signature or you are sending a greeting/birthday wish then font and background colors can be very helpful. Here is how to choose font and background colors in Gmail using the formatting bar.

  1. Select the text in the compose message window whose color you are looking to change.
  2. Click on the “A” button available in the formatting bar next to the underline button.
  3. All the available colors for both the background and font will open as soon as you click on the “A” button.
  4. Now, select the color for your emails background and font as per your choice.
  5. Please be careful while matching the fonts and background color. You should choose the color combination in such a way the text should be easily readable in the background color.

Text alignment and other options in Gmail formatting bar

 To make your email messages even more eye-catching and soothing for the readers, there are many more options available in the Gmail formatting bar as given below:

  1. Align Text: The Scattered lines or text doesn’t look great. You can align all the scattered text using the text alignment button available right next to the color formatting icon. With the text alignment button, you can choose left, right or center alignment as per your choice.
  2. Listing (Ordered or unordered): The next two buttons in the formatting bar let you make lists. Just select the text you want to be listed and click on either of the two buttons. One button will apply numbers to your list and other one will add bullets.
  3. Indent Text: Unlike other email services, you cannot use “Tab” button to indent text to different part of a page in Gmail. Instead, Gmail has provided you two buttons (indent more and indent less) to move written text in Gmail. These two buttons are available in the formatting bar next to the listing buttons in the right-hand side.
  4. Quote: You can quote a written text in Gmail effortlessly. You just need to select the text and click on quote button (next to the indent more) in the formatting bar. The quoted text will stand out from the rest of the text with a small indentation and a vertical bar.

Formatting Text in Gmail using Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of the editing tools we have mentioned in this post can also be accessed using some simple keyboard shortcuts as given below:

  • You can simply select the text and press “Ctrl + B” to bold the selected text.
  • You can press “Ctrl + I” button to make the selected text italic.
  • “Ctrl + U” is the command to underline the selected text.
  • To convert a selected text to a numbered list you can press “Ctrl+shift+7” button.

To find the keyboard shortcut keys of each icon on the formatting tab, you should hover your cursor over that button.

How to Remove Text formatting in Gmail?

It is not necessary that you will like the formatting you will do every time. Sometimes, you just want to undo the changes you will make. In such cases, you might like to remove the formatting and like to start over. For this purpose, Gmail has a remove formatting button at the formatting bar. This is the last button in the formatting bar and it removes all your custom formatting from the selected text. So, if you don’t like the font color, indentation or anything else then this button is there to help you.

Saving the Changes as Default

If you just love the custom font and background you have created then you can save it as a default style for every message you will send on Gmail. Here’s how you can save these changes as default using the general tab of your Gmail setting.

  • Click on settings gear icon from the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Here, you can see the “Default text style” option.
  • Make the required changes in the formatting bar available against the “Default text style”. Here, you can also see how your text body will look like.

Finally, scroll down and click on “Save Changes” from the bottom of the page.

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