Access a Gmail Account in Windows Live Mail

Learn how to sync your Gmail messages with Windows live mail.

Although Gmail has an exemplary user interface some users still prefer Windows Live Mail to access their e-mails. Do you know you can use Windows Live Mail to check your Gmail messages as well? You can use POP or IMAP protocols to set up Gmail to allow access on the window live mail. It allows you to read Gmail messages in Windows live mail with ease. Doing this can be incredibly helpful for those users who want their emails from multiple email accounts under one platform i.e. windows live mail.

In this tutorial, we will explain you how to use IMAP and POP in your Gmail account to synchronize Your Gmail message with Windows Live Mail.

How to use Gmail Account in Windows Live Mail using IMAP

To set up Gmail as an IMAP account in Windows Live, the first thing you should do is enable the IMAP access in your Gmail account. If you have IMAP access enabled in your Gmail account then you can use Gmail in Window Live Mail by following the steps given below:

  1. Open windows live mail menu and click on “Go” followed by “Mail”. (Hold the Alt key if you can’t find menu bar)
  2. Click on “Add an email account” from the bottom of the opened list.
  3. Type your Gmail address, password, and display name in the appropriate fields.
  4. Ensure that checkbox against “Automatically determine my login ID” is checked.
  5. Enter your Gmail password under the “Password” field. You may need to enter verification code if you have Gmail 2-step verification enabled.
  6. Now you should ensure that the checkbox against “Automatically determine my login ID” is checked. If yes, click on “Next”.
  7. Select “IMAP” under “My incoming mail server is a ___ server” field.
  8. Type “” under the incoming server field.
  9. Make sure “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” is selected under Incoming Server Information.
  10. Enter “” under the outgoing server.
  11. Now make sure that “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” is checked under the Outgoing Server Information. Also, check “My outgoing server requires authentication”
  12. Enter “465” for the port under “Outgoing Server Information” and click on next.
  13. Click on “Finish” followed by “Ok”.
  14. Open Menu and select “Accounts” followed by “Tools”.
  15. Choose Properties and open “IMAP” tab.
  16. Now, enter the following information
    1. Sent Items Paths : [Gmail]#Sent Mail
    2. Drafts path: [Gmail]#Draft
    3. Deleted Items path: [Gmail]#Trash
    4. Junk path: [Gmail]#Spam
  17. Click on “Ok” followed by “Close”.
  18. Close Windows live mail and login to your Gmail account.
  19. Open settings and go to “labels” tab.
  20. Click on “Remove” button next to the [Imap]/Drafts, [Imap]/Deleted Items, Sent Items, Junk E-mail labels.
  21. Open Windows live mail once again and go to Gmail (username) sub-folder.
  22. From the file, drag and drop account {***}.oeaccount (*** is the random string) to the notepad.
  23. Replace “#” in the [Gmail]#Sent Items, [Gmail]#Trash, Gmail]#Drafts and [Gmail]#Spam with “/”. For example, You should replace [Gmail]#Sent Items with [Gmail]/Sent Items.
  24. Save notepad and run windows live mail.
  25. Open IMAP folders available under tools.
  26. Click on “Reset List” followed by “Ok”.
  27. Select the desired synchronization settings for your folders.

Note: You should not enable [Gmail]/All Mail if you do not want windows live mail to download all your Gmail messages.

  1. You may also turn off the synchronization for Trash and spam folders.
  2. Open menu and click on “Tools” followed by “Options”.
  3. Open “Advanced” tab and ensure that “Use the ‘Deleted Items’ folder with IMAP accounts” is checked under the IMAP.
  4. Finally, click on “Ok”.

Now, you are all set to use Gmail in window live mail using IMAP.

How to access Gmail Messages in Windows Live Mail using POP?

Before starting the step by step to access Gmail in windows live mail you should enable POP access in your Gmail account.

  1. First of all, open “Mail” under shortcuts in windows live mail.
  2. Click on “Add an e-mail account” from the bottom of the list.
  3. Enter the following information:
  4. Now, ensure that the box against “manually configure server settings for e-mail account” is not checked.
  5. Click on “Next” followed by “Finish”.
  6. Finally, choose “Send/receive” from the windows live mail toolbar.

Useful Tips to remember while using Gmail in Windows Live Mail

  • Never exceeds the limit of 2500 MB per day for IMAP download otherwise your Gmail account may get locked.

To prevent Windows live mail from crashing you should set IMAP to only sync folders with a maximum of 10,000 Mail.

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