A Beginners Guide for working with Gmail

Get Started with Gmail – A Quick Tutorial

Google Mail or Gmail is one of the most used email services of the world. It helps you emailing, chatting, and archiving mail in much more convenient and easy way. If you ever had an email id then it is highly probable that you will have some idea about how an email service works.

 In case you never had an email id before, then a good way to get started is Google mail or Gmail. It is a completely free email service comes with 15GB of storage for your emails and chat conversation. Gmail services can be accessed through multiple devices such as computer, laptop, mobile, tablet etc. If you are new to Gmail and looking to get started then read this article completely as here we are discussing how to use Gmail services and its basic trouble shooting.

How to create a Gmail Account?

To access Gmail service, the user required to “sign up” through the Google Account creation page.

The Google account creation page can be accessed by clicking the menu in top right corner of Google homepage (Google.com). In the opened menu you will find an option to add account. Click on “Create Account” button and Google Account creation page will be visible.

Steps to create a Gmail id:

  • Visit Google Account creation page and enter your first, last and username.
  • In case the username is already taken, you will be asked to try a different username.
  • Remember username entered by you followed by gmail.com will be your Gmail id.
  • Enter the password and confirm it (Password must at least 8 characters long).
  • Now click “Next” and provide your Date of Birth and Gmail Account recovery information on the next page.
  • The Gmail Account recovery information can be a phone number or an alternate email id. These recovery options will be immensely helpful in case your Gmail Account is hacked or in case you lost your Gmail password or id.
  • Now you just need to agree to Google’s Privacy policy and your Gmail id will be ready.

How to use Gmail on Web?

The interface of Gmail is quite simple and easy to understand. When you first log in to your Gmail account will be prompted to add a profile picture and choose a theme.

Composing and sending your First email with Gmail

  • In order to send an email you just need to click on “Compose” button and provide your recipient’s email address along with a subject and message you wants to send.

Managing your Gmail Inbox

  • By default, your Gmail inbox will be categorized into 5 category tabs i.e. Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums
  • You can enable and disable the Gmail Category tab by clicking “+” tab besides the promotion tab.  Here you can choose which category tab to enable or disable.

How to sign out from Gmail?

  • In order to sign out from Gmail, you just need to click on your profile picture at the top right corner of your screen and there you will find the button to sign out of Gmail account.
  • In case you want to logout from any other computer in which you had logged in before, then open Gmail and click “Details” in the bottom right corner of your screen and click “Sign out all other web sessions”

How to use Gmail on Android or IPhone?

Sign in to Gmail App

  • The Gmail App is available on the play store and app store for Android and Iphone respectively.
  • Similarly to the Gmail web, in Gmail app also you will be required to enter your Gmail login credentials to access your inbox.
  • Open the Gmail App and Tap on Menu button at the top left corner. Here you will find options to “Add Account”. Enter your Gmail login credentials here and your Gmail inbox will be ready to use.

 Apart from using Gmail App you can also synchronize your Gmail account on your Android or IPhone by following below mentioned steps:

  • Click “Setting” and open “Accounts and Syncs” menu.
  • Tap “Add Account” button and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.
  • You will be asked for Gmail login credentials while synchronizing Gmail in android or Iphone.

How to sign out of Gmail on Android?

  • The only way by which you can sign out of the Gmail App is to remove Google account from your phone completely.
  • Remember that removing Google account from your phone will result in signing out of all other apps on your phone such as Maps or Youtube.

How to sign out of Gmail on IPhone and IPad?

  • Similarly to the android devices, it is mandatory to remove your Google account completely from your Iphone and Ipad in order to sign out of Gmail.
  • Follow the steps mentioned below to remove Gmail account from Iphone and IPad
    • Open Gmail App
    • Click Menu from the Top left corner
    • Click on your account>Manage Account>Edit>Remove.

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