Sign Up For Xfinity Email: Create A New Account In Just A Few Steps

Are you facing trouble logging into Xfinity email? Have you recently changed the password of Xfinity email but now can’t remember it? Or do you suspect that someone has taken control of your Xfinity email account? If any of the problems resembles your situation, then you have come to the right place. There can be many reasons why you encounter problem in Xfinity connect email sign in. The problem in login into Xfinity email account can also arise due to incorrect email address or password. A lot of users complain that “my Xfinity email login doesn’t work” which is why they cannot access their emails. But with the help of this post, such users will get to know the solution of how to sign in to Xfinity email account properly.

Pre-requisites of Xfinity email sign in

Before we initiate the step by step procedure to log into Xfinity email, it is essential for you to take a thorough look at the instructions mentioned below-

  • Make sure that you have a valid Xfinity email id.
  • The password you’re using to access Xfinity email should be correct. In case you’ve recently changed the password, then you need to sign-in Xfinity using the new password.
  • Ensure that the number lock key and caps lock key are turned off unless used in the password.
  • If you’re account is blocked, then report the incidence to the customer service to unblock the same on time.
  • Make sure that your device is well connected to the internet and is getting a stable speed prior to login into your email account.
  • If you use a computer to sign into Xfinity email then you need to use the same on a browser that is compatible with it. Some of the compatible web browser to sign up for Xfinity email are- Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Xfinity email sign in method

Xfinity email can be easily accessed through You can bookmark the sign-in page for faster login in future. Here are the steps required to sign in to Xfinity email –

Xfinity Email Login

  1. Go to the and click on the “email” icon present on the page. To access voice mail, you need to click on the “voicemail” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. You’ll be asked to enter the username and password. Provide the stated information and click on the “sign-in” button.
  3. Once you click on the sign-in button, you will be redirected to Xfinity connect where the dashboard will be presented. You can use the dashboard to send email, voicemail, and text services.
  4. To send or receive emails, simply click on the “mail” tab. For voicemail, you need to click on the “voicemail” tab and similarly click on the “text” tab for sending texts.

How to create Xfinity email id/username?

If you are a new user who wants to use Xfinity email services, then you must create a username/userid and password for accessing the services offered by Xfinity. The procedure to create username and password in Xfinity email is provided below-

  1. Go to the official website of Xfinity.
  2. Click on the “email” icon on the top-right corner of the webpage.
  3. The login page will appear and you need to click on the “don’t have a username? Create one” link at the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose any of the following modes to create the username i.e. mobile number or social security number.
  5. Complete the security check by typing the characters displayed on the page and click on the “continue” button.
  6. You need to enter the mobile number/security number linked with your Xfinity account.
  7. Enter the username in the field given and follow the instructions.
  8. Click on “done” when the username is set.
  9. In the same way, you can create the password for xfinity email.

Create new Xfinity ID

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – 1: Can I create a new Xfinity ID using my Phone Number?

Answer: Yes, you can easily use your phone number to create a new Xfinity ID.

Question – 2: Is there any option to create Xfinity ID without a Phone Number?

Answer: Yes, you can use your SSN in place of a phone number.

Question – 3: In how much do I have to click the link to verify my registered email address?

Answer: You will have to click on the link within 72 hours.

Question – 4: Can I use my non-Xfinity ID to log into Xfinity apps and website?

Answer: Yes, you can use your personal ID as well.

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