Outlook Express: Outlook Express settings for Comcast Email

Setup Comcast Email on Outlook Express

Comcast users who wish to set up Comcast email in Outlook express can do so with the help of basic email server configuration. With the little changes here and there in the incoming and outgoing email server, you can easily configure Outlook express settings for Comcast email. You can access your Xfinity emails in Outlook express by linking it with Comcast webmail.

In case, you have incorrectly configured Comcast in Outlook express, then there are high chances that you won’t be able to send and receive emails. Incorrect Outlook express configuration for Comcast webmail can render all sorts of email related problems. But the good news is that you can re-configure those settings so that all the hindrance is removed and you can use Comcast email on Outlook express effortlessly.

Outlook Express setup for Comcast email

Follow the step by step procedure to set up Comcast email in Outlook express. You must follow the steps as explained since skipping any step can lead to incorrect configuration. This way you’ll have to repeat the process again. Here’s how to configure Outlook express settings for Comcast email-

  1. Open the Outlook express app on your computer.
  2. Go to the “tools” menu and choose the “accounts” tab.
  3. Now click on the “add” option followed by the “mail” option.
  4. Enter the following information in the given fields-
    • Display name: Enter your name
    • Email address: Enter the full email address with which you normally use to login into Comcast email account.
    • Server type: Select POP3 from the drop-down list
    • Incoming email server: Set this field to mail.comcast.net
    • Outgoing email server: You need to set this field to smtp.comcast.net. Remember that you can send emails through SMTP server settings. Comcast won’t work with other mail servers for sending emails.
    • Hit the “next” button to proceed further.
  5. Now another screen will pop up with some fields where you need to provide the relevant information.
  6. Here is the information you must provide in the corresponding fields-
    • Account name: You are required to enter your Xfinity username. The username is the name on the left side of the @ symbol in your email address.
    • Password: Provide the password of the Xfinity email account. Put a check across the “remember password” option if you want the Outlook to remember your details every time you sign-in.
  7. Hit the “next” button.
  8. Now you need to click on the “finish” button and highlight comcast.net present under the “account” tab, and click on the “properties”.
  9. Click on the “advanced” tab and ensure that the following fields are set correctly or not. If not, then set those according to the information given below.
    • SSL required: Place the checkmark across this security feature.
    • Outgoing port number: Set the outgoing email port number to 465.
    • Incoming port number: Set the incoming email port number to 995.
    • Authentication required: Put a checkmark across the “my email server requires authentication” to enable authentication.
  10. Now click on the “ok” button.
  11. The email setup to configure Outlook express for Comcast email is not finished. Go through the additional steps given below before using Comcast on Outlook express.

Important notes: You should note that 3rd party email clients are often configured to delete messages from the server. In this way, other additional devices cannot receive your Xfinity email. However, if you still want to use your Comcast email account on multiple devices, you need to ensure that emails are not deleted right-away.

If you want to configure Outlook Express client so that it won’t delete messages from the server, here’s what you need to do-

  • Jump to the “tools” menu, and then select the “account” tab.
  • Now on the left side of the menu, you need to select your account and then click on the “properties” option.
  • Under the properties, click on the “advanced” tab.
  • Check the box next to the option “leave a copy of messages on server”.
  • Place a checkmark across the “my server requires authentication” line and click on the “ok” button to complete the Setup of Outlook express for Comcast email.

Now you have successfully configured Outlook express settings for Comcast email. You need to restart the device and then you can send or receive emails in/from Outlook express using Comcast email id and password.

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