Uninstall Chromium from mac or windows

Due to its smooth features and amazing user-interface, Google Chrome is now one of the most used browsers in the world. However, it is also true that many users don’t like Chrome’s privacy policy and prefer chromium which is an open-source browser. Unfortunately, the internet is full of notorious Chromium-based browsers which can be dangerous. It is better to uninstall if you also suspect that any chromium-based malicious browser is present on your windows or mac computer.

What’s more annoying is that most of the time it is very difficult to remove such Chromium applications from a device.  You should read this article to learn ways to uninstall chromium from mac and windows computer.

How to remove Chromium from windows permanently?

The developers of the malicious Chromium app designed it in such a way that it is very hard for a normal user to uninstall it. This leaves a lot of users to wonder how I can remove Chromium from my windows computer.

Although it is difficult you can definitely get rid of chromium from a windows computer. You can see the steps to remove chromium on a PC as given below.

  • To initiate the process, you must close all your browsers and open the “Task Manager”.
  • You will see the chromium process running as soon as you open the task manager. Remember, the icons of both chromium and Google is quite similar only difference is the blue color of chromium.
  • End all the “Chrom.exe” or “Chromium.exe” tasks that you will see running.
  • Now, Go to the “Control panel” and open “Programs and features”.
  • Look for Chromium or similar suspicious program and uninstall it.

Note: It is quite possible that Chromium will still remain on your windows computer even after getting removed from the control panel. To throw out chromium completely from your PC, you need to delete its program files.

  • Go to the “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local” Please note that this is a hidden folder.
  • Find Chromium in this folder and delete it.
  • In case you are using the Google Chrome browser then the data in this folder will re-populate itself with the genuine data.
  • Run the Google Chrome browser and open its add-ons and extension.
  • Remove all doubtful/ suspicious extensions and add-ons from the browser.

Once you complete all these steps, the Chromium should vanish from your windows PC.

Can’t Remove Chromium from Mac? – Check method to uninstall Chromium manually

The problems like Chromium won’t uninstall on Mac, etc. are also overheard quite a lot. The simple steps to fix such issues are as follows.

  • First of all, quit chromium and close down all such programs that are related to the browsers and run in the background.
  • Open “Finder” and choose “Applications”.
  • Then, select “Chromium App” and click “Move to Trash” to delete it.

Even though you have moved the app to trash it service files are still in your Mac. Now, you must remove all the leftovers of Chromium from your Mac computer.

  • Go to the finder once again and open the menu bar.
  • Select “Go” and click on the “Go to Folder”.
  • Enter “~/Library” in the “Go to Folder” window and click “Go”.
  • Check and delete Chromium browser service files from the following three locations.
    • ~Library/Caches/Chromium
    • ~Library/Application Support/Chromium
    • ~Library/Preferences/org.chromium.Chromium.plist

It is strongly recommended to scan your computer with an Anti-malware application after removing Chromium. This will ensure that your device becomes completely free from all the leftovers of this application.

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