Set up Charter email on my Android Phone

Charter email; now know as spectrum email can be configured on your android phone with the help of few changes in server settings. Gone are the days when you could access your emails only through computers. With the advancement in technology, today you can check your emails over the phone very easily. Users wishing to access their emails stored in their charter account can do so by making certain changes. These changes or configuration are important to link the charter email account to android phone.

Users often fail to set up charter email on their phone because they fail to understand the process altogether. Such users then feel trapped as they don’t know the right way to configure charter email on android. The situation also gets tense when they cannot access their emails on phone thereby affecting their work. This post is dedicated to those who want to set up their charter account on mobile phone so that they can check their emails conveniently.

Requirements for adding charter email on android

The process of charter email setup on android varies slightly according to the model and brand of android phone one owns. You are strictly advised to follow the instructions accordingly. Given below are some pre-requites to know before starting the confirmation of charter email on android device-

  • Make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the internet and is getting a stable internet speed.
  • The SSL setting should be turned on for both IMAP and SMTP servers.
  • You will require charter email id, username and password in order to link charter email with android phone.
  • Backup your data before initiating the settings. Although, the settings described in the post will not affect your data. However, as a safety precaution, you should keep the backup of important emails/documents.

Charter email settings for android

Here are the server settings you are required to change for accessing charter email on android. The fields must bear the values as stated in the table below-

Attributes Value/ configuration required
Incoming server
Outgoing server
Incoming port 993
Outgoing port 587
Authorization required Yes

Steps on how to add Charter email on Android

  • Open the “mail” app on your android device and choose settings.
  • Now tap on the “add a new email account” option and select “IMAP”.
  • Now you need to enter the Charter/Spectrum email address and password.
  • Once done adding the email id and password, you are required to select “Manual Setup” option.
  • Enter the following information in the incoming server settings:
    • Username: Enter Charter email id/username
    • Incoming port: 993
    • Security type: ssl
    • Password: Provide the password of Charter account
    • Incoming
    • Choose the ‘next’ option.
  • Enter the following information in the outgoing server settings:
    • Outgoing
    • Username: Provide Spectrum email id/username
    • Password: Enter your password
    • Outgoing port: 587
    • Security type: ssl
    • Authorization required: yes
    • Choose ‘next’.
  • After successful installation, you will get a congratulations message on your android phone stating that your charter account has been setup on the device successfully. Before accessing your emails, restart the device.

Alternate method: charter email setup for android

If the settings stated above do not work for you, then you may try an alternative approach to connect charter email with android mobile phone. Initial steps of charter email setup for android will remain the same as told above but you need to make a few changes in incoming and outgoing server settings. Here are those changes you need to make-

Incoming server settings

  • Mail Type: POP
  • Incoming Mail
  • Port: Set the number to 110
  • Encryption: None
  • Username: (include with the username)
  • Password: Enter the password of your charter email account

Outgoing server settings

  • Outgoing Mail Password: Provide the password of charter account you want to link with your android phone
  • Port: Set this value to 25
  • Encryption: none
  • Authentication: ON
  • Username: (Don’t forget to add with your username)

Now you need to restart your phone in order to let these changes take over. You can access emails stored in charter account directly from your android device.

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