Netflix Not Working Today – Fix Common Problems with Netflix

No video streaming service is as popular as Netflix. However, it doesn’t mean that using Netflix is always a pleasant experience. Many a time, you can find yourself tangled with various kinds of problems while using it. As it is a paid video streaming service, you don’t want Netflix stopped or interrupted for too long. Usually, the reason why Netflix doesn’t work properly depends upon the devices on which you are using it.  It is designed to work smoothly with Blu-ray players, Computers, Game consoles, Mobile phone, stream media players and Smart TVs. But at the same time, even a small malfunctioning in these devices can cause Netflix to stop working.

In this tutorial, you can check the best methods to fix the issue if your Netflix app isn’t working. Here, we will discuss the details about Netflix troubleshooting on a tablet, smartphone, Game console, smart TV etc.

Common Problems with Netflix

The proper working of Netflix depends upon various factors including internet connectivity, third-party hardware, app performance etc. If any of these factors get out of order then you can face a different type of issues as given below.

  • Netflix app crashing frequently.
  • Not being able to play movies and TV shows
  • Netflix just loading a black screen.
  • Netflix movies won’t download
  • Unable to reset Netflix
  • Netflix internet connection problem
  • Different Netflix error codes such as 1011, 1012, 12001, 1016 etc.
  • Compatibility issues like Netflix not compatible with iPad, smart TV etc.

Netflix is used on different platforms. So, it is not possible to compile a list of all the possible problems that a Netflix user can face. In addition to the problems illustrated above, there are many more Netflix issues that can cause a great deal of nuisance for users.

What to do if Netflix app not working?

The Netflix app is available for a lot of platforms. Before moving on to discuss the steps to fix faulty the app on different platform, you should check the general troubleshooting steps given below. These steps are applicable no matter which device you are using.

  • First of all, you should check whether Netflix is down or not. If Netflix won’t start or not loading videos then it may be happening because the Netflix server might be down. To check this, you should open another video streaming app such as Youtube on the same device. If Youtube is working properly then it indicates that Netflix server could be down at the moment. Alternatively, you can directly check the Netflix server status from the official website.
  • Many a time, a simple restart can fix even the most complex problems. So, you should restart Netflix and see if this resolves the issue you are facing currently.
  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet. You should also confirm that your phone is not on airplane mode.
  • Update the Netflix app because using an outdated app can also hinder the proper workflow of Netflix. Updating the app is an instrumental solution if you are facing different Netflix error codes.
  • If the problem continues then you should sign out of Netflix on all devices and log in once again.  This is a very effective and simple method to rectify many Netflix problems.
  • Another way by which you can try to get rid of the Netflix app issues is reinstalling the app once again. To reinstall, first you need to delete/ uninstall Netflix app and then install it again through the relevant app store.

Note: Many users may find themselves unable to reinstall Netflix on Samsung smart TV. Such users should highlight Netflix app with the cursor and then press tools button on the remote followed by “Reinstall”.

  • No matter you are using Netflix on a smart TV, Android, iPhone, tablet or a gaming console; you must keep the operating system of your device up-to-date. It is observed that many apps do not work properly with outdated operating systems. So, you should install the system updates immediately if available.

Now, let’s move on to the steps to fix Netflix on particular devices. 

What to do if Netflix not working on a Samsung Smart TV?

Although Netflix has an official app for smart TVs, it is not rare to see Samsung Smart TV users complaining that Netflix stopped working for them. Here are the steps that such users should follow in order to make Netflix run properly on their smart TV once again.

  • Turn off your smart TV by unplugging the power cable and leave it for 30 seconds. Then, you should turn on your TV once again to check if this resolves the issue or not.
  • You should also disable the “instant on” feature of your Samsung smart TV. This feature makes smart TV to run quickly which many a time cause problems in loading apps like Netflix.
  • If nothing works then you should attempt a hard reset on your Samsung smart TV. Doing hard reset will once again load the factory setting on your TV. After the hard reset, you may need to install Netflix again. However, the app should work fine from now onwards. To know more about the hard reset process of your Samsung smart TV, you should refer the user manual.

Fix Netflix stopped working on Roku problem

In case the Netflix app is not working on Roku then you should deactivate the connection to the app and reactivate it again. Here is how you can do it on different models of Roku:

Roku 1: Firstly, you should press the “home” button from the Roku control and then click on settings. Then, you should click on the “Netflix Settings”. Now, the option to disable Netflix should appear on your screen.

Roku 2: Highlight the Netflix app icon from the home menu. Then, you need to press the start key on your “Roku” remote. After that, you should click on the “Remove Channel” button and confirm deactivation by clicking it once again.

Roku 3: Open Netflix menu, from the Netflix app. Click on “settings” followed by the “sign out” button. After that, you should click “yes” to confirm.

How can I fix Netflix on Microsoft Xbox One Console?

Xbox one console involves a lot of video streaming app such as Twitch, Youtube, and Netflix etc. Here are the steps that you should follow in case Netflix isn’t working on one console.

  • Firstly, you should check whether the Xbox Live online service is down or not. To check this, you should visit the official Xbox live status web page. On the official page, you should confirm that the green checkmark is appearing next to the “All apps are operating normally”option.
  • In case the problem continues then you should quit the Xbox one Netflix app and reopen it once again. Follow the steps given below if you don’t know how to quit Netflix app.
    • Press the circle X button that will appear in the center of your Xbox controller.
    • Then, press the menu button followed by “Quit”.
    • After quitting the Netflix app, you can open it as usual.

How to resolve Netflix not working on Playstation 4 console problem?

Similarly to the Xbox One Console, Playstation 4 console can also run video streaming apps including Netflix. If the Netflix has stopped working on your Playstation 4 console then you should try the solutions given below:

  • Make sure that the Playstation Network online service is not down. Check the PSN official page to check the current server status.
  • Quite and reopen PS4 Netflix app by following the steps given below:
    • Highlight the Netflix icon from the home screen.
    • Then, you should press the “options” button that will appear on your “PS4 controller”.
    • Now, click on the “Close Application” button that will appear on the pop-up menu.
  • You can reopen the PS4 Netflix app as usual after you quit it.

This tutorial must have cleared all you doubt related to the Netflix issue. However, if you still have some concern or query then you should contact Netflix Support for more information. 

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