Mouse Not Working Windows 10 – Fix Common Mouse problems

There isn’t any doubt that a mouse is one of the most essential input devices of a computer system. That’s why it is recommended that you should always purchase a high-quality mouse. However, it is observed that after updating to latest windows 10 many users have to face different kinds of problems with their optical mouse. There is no need to worry if you are also facing such problems and your mouse is not working on windows 10. You can get rid of this issue by following some general troubleshooting steps.

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Using a mouse that is not working properly can be very frustrating because you will find it difficult to enter your command using a keyboard only. In case your mouse isn’t working on windows 10 then this article can help you a lot. Here, you will find the finest steps to fix mouse not working windows 10 problem in a hassle-free manner.

Common Mouse problems faced by Windows 10 users

Like all other computer equipment, different types of errors and issues can occur in a mouse as well. Here are some generic problems with a mouse that are faced by a lot of Windows 10 users.

  • Mouse pointer not working windows 10

  • Mouse stops working after login windows 10

  • Both keyboard and mouse not working on startup of windows 10

  • Windows 10 mouse acceleration problem

  • Mouse not detected on a Laptop/ PC

  • Wired mouse not working windows 10

  • Mouse stopped working after windows 10 update.

  • Windows 10 mouse not clicking

These issues are just for the purpose of example. In fact, there are a countless number of issues that you may have to face while using a mouse on your windows 10 computer.

Things to check before you start to troubleshoot your Mouse problem

There are so many reasons why your Mouse won’t work on windows 10. Before you start to follow the general troubleshooting steps to fix Mouse Problem in windows, it is recommended that you check the following things.

  1. Make sure your mouse or wireless adapter is connected to the respective port.

  2. You may also unplug the cable of the mouse/ wireless adapter and re-connect it again in a different port if possible.

  3. Sometimes, a simple restart can fix your mouse problem on windows 10. So, we recommend you to check if you are still facing the problem even after restarting your PC.

What to do if Mouse is not working on a windows 10 computer?

 Let’s go through the troubleshooting methods that you should try if your mouse isn’t working on windows 10.

Method 1: Use Mouse after turning off the windows machine

Sometimes, windows machine can cause a lot of hindrance in the proper workflow of a mouse and keyword.  So, you should try to use the mouse again after disabling windows machine through the command prompt. Here is how you can do it.

  • Press Windows + R button from your keyboard.
  • In the run window, you should type cmd and press enter.
  • Once you are in the command prompt, you should type shutdown /s /f /t 0 and hit enter. This will turn off the windows machine.
  • Now, you can test your USB mouse.

Method 2: Make sure your USB mouse is enabled

In case your mouse is disabled from the device manager then it will not work properly. In such a case, you need to enable the mouse on windows 10. Here is how you can do it using the keyboard button of your PC.

  • Hold the windows button and press R key.
  • Enter “devmgmt.msc” and press the “Enter” button in order to open the “Device manager”.
  • Select the computer name using the “tab” button.
  • Now, you need to navigate to the “Mice and other pointing devices”.
  • Tap the “Alt + right arrow” key to expand the group.
  • Then, using the arrow keys, you have to navigate to the HID-compliant mouse.
  • Now, you can check if the device is enabled or disabled.
  • Enable the device if it is disabled.

That’s it! Your mouse should work properly from now onwards.

Method 3: Remove and install Mouse driver once again

Having the proper mouse driver installed in your PC is necessary in order to use Mouse on Windows 10. You can uninstall and reinstall mouse driver easily via device manager. You just have  to follow the steps illustrated below:

  • Open windows run box and type “devmgmt.msc”.

  • Press the “Enter” button. This will open the Device Manager.

  • Go to the computer name using the tab button of your keyboard.

  • Open the Mice and other pointing devices option.

  • Navigate to the “HID-compliant mouse” (it is the USB mouse).

  • Then, you have to press the “Fn + Shift + F10” buttons simultaneously in order to open the properties list.

  • Use the down arrow and go to the “Uninstall device” option. Then, you just need to press “Enter”.

After uninstalling the Mouse driver, you need to restart windows machine using the command prompt. The method to restart the windows machine is given in the 1st method.

Method 4: Check Mouse Hardware

If the Mouse isn’t working on windows 10 even after following the all three steps discussed so far, then you should check the hardware of your mouse. The best method to check hardware of your mouse is removing it from your PC/ laptop and plugging it on another computer. If the mouse works properly on another computer then there is no problem with your mouse.  It also indicates that you are facing the problem due to a faulty USB port or computer.

Method 5: Download and install Mouse driver from the official website of the vendor

Many a time, windows 10 mouse doesn’t work properly with the inbuilt drivers. In such a case you should download and install the mouse driver from the official website. In order to do so, you need to visit the official website of the manufacturer of your mouse.

Method 6:   Change USB Power Management Settings

In case the problem continues then you should alter the power management settings of the port of your Windows 10 computer. Here is how you can do it just by using your keyboard.

  • Open device manager and select your computer.
  • Navigate and expand the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.
  • Then, you should go to the USB Root Hub (USB 3.0) option.
  • Now, you have to open the “USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)” properties using your keyboard. This will open a new window.
  • After that, you should navigate to the “Power Management” tab.
  • Choose the option to “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.
  • Press enter and close the window.

From now onwards, your mouse should not work fine on your Windows 10 PC/ laptop.

Method 7: Scan your PC for any malware or virus infection.

Malware and virus are responsible for a lot of errors and issues in a PC including malfunctioning of hardware. Many viruses can also stop your mouse from working on a windows 10 computer. You should install good antivirus software and scan your PC in order to cope up with such a situation.

Method 8: Reinstall Windows 10 operating system.

In case all the steps discussed in the post are unable to fix the problem and your mouse still not working on windows 10 then you need to reinstall the windows. Before uninstalling windows 10, we recommend you to take a back up of your data on an external hard disk. All of your applications and drivers problems will be history after re-installing windows 10.

We hope that this tutorial helps you cope up with the Mouse not working problem in windows 10. However, if you still have some queries then you should contact the manufacturer of your mouse.

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