Internet Stopped Working? Here is the Solution

Today, the importance of the Internet in our life is more than ever before. No matter you want to send an email, receive money from someone or order your favorite food, you can do it easily using the internet. However, the over dependency on the Internet has its own demerits as well. Nowadays, not being able to connect to the Internet can be extremely troublesome. For example -Imagine how frustrating it can be for us when the internet stopped working all of a sudden during a bank transaction.

This article is for those users who are facing various troubles in using the Internet. Here, we will discuss why your internet isn’t working and what you can do in order to fix it.

Common Problems and complaints related to the Internet

A lot of technicalities are involved in an internet connection. This is the primary reason why a lot of issues and errors are often reported by internet users. You can check some common internet problems as given below:

  • Internet not working

  • Internet is working slow on laptop

  • Wifi not turning on

  • Unable to connect to the Internet

  • Not able to access internet in chrome

  • Unable to connect to wifi iPhone

  • Problems due to an unstable Internet connection

  • Wifi isn’t connecting to the Internet

  • Slow Internet in Windows 10

  • Wifi not working in windows 10

  • Wifi not showing on the computer

  • Internet stopped working after a power outage

These are just a few examples of the diverse problems that a user can face while accessing the Internet. Nevertheless, the good news is that the solution to each internet problem is available.

How to fix Internet not working on windows 10 issue?

Windows 10 is loaded with many features that provide you superb user experience while working on the Internet. However, these features require a stable Internet connection to perform their tasks. That’s why; using Windows 10 OS is not so pleasant if you are not connected to a fairly good internet connection. Here are some solutions that you should try in case your Internet connection isn’t working on windows 10.

  1. Restart your PC or Laptop

This may seem very simple but restarting your computer can actually fix many major issues.  A simple restart can fix all the bad settings in your device that may block the internet from working properly.

  1. Make sure the wireless adapter of your laptop is enabled

Many laptops have wireless adapter switches to turn it on and off. It is quite possible that you may have turned the switch from on to off accidently. Turn on the wireless adapter switch if it is off.

  1. Restart your modem or router

This is another solution that you can try if your Internet connection isn’t responding on a windows 10 computer. To restart the internet modem, you just need to unplug both your router and modem from their respective slots and plug them back in after a few seconds.

  1. Do a soft reset on your router

Performing a soft reset on your modem or router can clear all the caches and refresh the settings. To soft reset your router you need to press the power button that may available on the front or side of the router.

  1. Hard reset your network

In case the internet still not working for you even after the soft reset then you may opt for the hard reset. The reset will make your router to forget all your data and current settings and restore the network to its factory settings.

  • To hard reset the router, you need to press the reset button for about 30 seconds.
  • Some routers may need a pen or a pin to press the reset button.

Note: After a hard reset, the name and password of your network will also reset to default.

  1. Reduce the distance between your device and router

In case the distance b/w your smartphone/ computer and router is too large then may face problems like slow Internet, sluggish internet speed, etc. That’s why we recommend you to move closer to the router if your internet isn’t working.

  1. Remove the interference between your computer and router

Sometimes, the heavy objects between your computer and router can also cause obstacles in your internet connection. We suggest you maintain a clear line of sight between your computer and router. The objects like walls, furniture, appliances can cause a great obstruction in an internet connection.

  1. Use an Ethernet connection

In case you can’t connect to the internet using wifi then you may directly connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable or LAN wire can also help you increase the Internet speed on your network.

  • In case the internet works fine on a direct connection using the Ethernet cable then it seems like there is a problem with your PC’s wireless reception or your router.
  • If you can’t use the internet even with the direct Ethernet cable connection then it looks like there is some issue with your modem or internet service as a whole.

Other Advanced solutions

 So far in this article, we have discussed basic internet troubleshooting. Now, let’s move on to some advanced solutions that you may try.

  1. Clear the DNS cache of your computer/ laptop

DNS caches record the addresses of the websites that you access. This enables your computer to load these websites at a faster rate. In case a website changes its address then these outdated caches can result in Internet connection problems. In case some websites are not loading then you should definitely clear the DNS cache.

  1. Clear the cache of your web browser

Similarly to the DNS cache, the cache of your web browser also helps in loading a web page faster. To keep the updated cache in your web browser you should regularly clear them so that the browser can record the updated ones. The process to clear cache depends upon the web browser you are using.

  1. Try any other website on a different web browser

It is also possible that the website you are trying to open is down. So, you should also try to open another website and see if this resolves the problem. You should try another browser as well because it is possible that you are unable to connect to the internet because of a faulty web browser.

  1. Fix your connection using windows/ Mac repair tool

If the problem continues then you can opt for repairing the connection using the built-in repair tool of windows and Mac computers. Here are the steps that you should follow:

If the Internet stopped working on windows

  • Press Windows + R keys simultaneously and enter ncpa.cpl in the run window
  • Click on the “Ok” button and right click the “network adapter” option.
  • Click “Diagnose” and follow the prompts on your screen.

Internet not working on Mac

  • Click on the Apple menu icon followed by “System preferences”.
  • Click on the “Network” button and then “Assist me”
  • Finally, click on the “Diagnose” button and follow the instructions that will appear on your screen.
  1. Scan your computer for virus and malware

If your computer has some kind of virus or malware infection then you may face a problem in connecting to the internet. You should run a deep scan using a capable antivirus to fix such problems.

  1. Contact your internet service provider

In case all the steps mentioned in this post fail to resolve the issues then the only option you have is to contact your Internet service provider (ISP)

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