HP Officejet 4630 Printer Not Working – Printing- HP Officejet 4630 Troubleshooting

HP Officejet 4630 Printer Not Working: Despite providing features like easy setup, excellent print quality, etc working problems with the HP Officejet 4630 printer is quite common. There can be many reasons behind this issue but the main concern of the users is how to fix the problem whenever encountered. Improper functioning of printer can create issues at your workplace by not printing your important documents at the time of need. As such, it is important to fix this issue as soon as it is encountered. This article presents some easy ways through which the users can fix the HP Officejet 4630 Printer Not Working problem without requiring external assistance.

Some common forms of HP Officejet 4630 printer not working

The not working of HP Officejet 4630 printer can take different forms and trouble the users. Some of the common forms in which this issue can occur are listed below.

  1. Unable to connect to HP wireless printer
  2. Problem in setting up the wireless printer
  3. HP Officejet 4630 Printer stopped Printing
  4. Error printing from HP wireless printer
  5. HP Officejet 4630 Printer Not Working
  6. Print jobs are getting stuck in queue
  7. How to setup hp officejet 4630 wireless printer
  8. Scan to computer is currently unavailable or no longer activated
  9. Unable to find HP wireless printer on network
  10. Flashing blue light on the wireless printer
  11. Error while communicating with the scanning device
  12. Unable to communicate with the HP imaging device
  13. Offline message displays on the computer and the printer does not print

How to fix not working of HP Officejet 4630 printer?

Few things that the users can try on their own to fix the HP Officejet 4630 printer not working issue are discussed below. Even if you have very little knowledge about the working of printers, you can apply these troubleshooting methods with great ease.

  1. Check for loose cable connections

If your printer is not starting properly make sure that there are no loose cable connections. All you devices like printer, system, etc should be connected to each other properly. Also, make sure that there is no problem with your power supply.

  1. Set HP Officejet 4630 printer to default

To avoid any problem with its working, it is suggested that you always set your HP Officejet 4630 printer to default. The steps for setting this printer as your default are given below:

  • On your Windows device, go to Control Panel.
  • Click on the Devices and Printers option.
  • Now locate the HP Officejet 4630 printer and right-click on it.
  • Tap the Set as default printer option.
  1. Always keep printer drivers up-to-date

Most times, the not working issue related to HP printer can be fixed by updating the important drivers and software. So make sure that your driver printers are always updated to their latest version. You can find and install the drivers and software updates by visiting the official website of HP.

  • Go to the HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads page.
  • On the ‘Let’s identify your product to get started’ page that displays, select your product type (printer in this case).
  • Provide the model name of your HP printer and then click Submit.
  • From the list of available software and driver categories, find the software or driver.
  • Click the category name, and then click Download.
  1. Use HP Print and Scan Doctor to fix the problem

The HP Print and Scan Doctor can solve numerous issues related to HP printer, including not working, not printing, not scanning, etc. Step by step instructions to download and use this tool are provided below.

  • Download HP Print and Scan Doctor from the official support page. 
  • The tool is downloaded as HPPSdr.exe file in the Downloads folder on your computer.
  • Run this file to open HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Click on the Start button and choose your printer.
  • If your printer is not listed, turn it on and click Retry.
  • If there is a connection problem, follow the instructions in the tool.
  • Depending on the problem, click either Fix Printing or Fix Scanning.
  • Test results are displayed with icons:
    • A checkmark means your printer passed.
    • A wrench means a problem was found and fixed.
    • An exclamation mark means a test failed and was skipped.
    • An X means the printer has a problem. Follow the instructions to fix it.
    • HP Print and Scan Doctor shortcut is installed on your desktop.
  1. Solve installation/ set up issue in HP Officejet 4630 printer

If you are unable to install HP Officejet 4630 printer, follow the steps exactly as given below for successful installation.

  • Connect your printer with your computer using a USB cable and turn them on.
  • Insert the drivers CD that came with the printer to install all drivers and software. In case you don’t have any CD, download the drivers from the manufacturers’ page.
  • Once the installation is complete, run a test to see if your printer has been set up successfully or not.
  • To do this, go to Control Panel> Devices and Printers> Printers> Properties
  • On the Printers Properties window, click the ‘Print Test Page’.
  • Once the test runs successfully, your HP Officejet 4630 printer is ready to use.

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