Killer Steps to Fix Unable to Send or Receive with

The modern world in which we are living is highly dependent on the Internet and Emails. In fact, it is not wrong to say that today, email is our primary method of professional communications. email better known as CenturyLink email is one of the most prolific email services. Still, it is not rare to see users complaining about issues like being unable to send or receive with

One of the main reasons why users have to deal with email problems is that not many users are familiar with functions and features of this email. But, this is not the only reason. In fact, there are multiple factors due to which users might have to deal with email sending and receiving problems.

Go through this post if you are unable to send or receive CenturyLink email. Here, we will let you know some awesome tips and tricks to resolve these issues with ease.

Having Problems sending or receiving email? – Know basic solutions.

Your best bet to resolve CenturyLink email sending and receiving problem is identifying the root cause and fixing the same. Before moving on to the advanced solutions we recommend you try these basic CenturyLink email troubleshooting as given below.

  • Internet Connectivity – First of all, you need to verify that your internet connection is working fine. To check your internet connectivity, you may try to run another website on your computer. If the website opens up properly then it indicates that your Internet is working smoothly. In case of a problem with your internet connection, you should check your modem or contact your Internet service provider.
  • Check SMTP and POP Settings – It is very common to see users dealing with problems like CenturyLink email not sending/ receiving emails on iPhone/ Outlook, etc. The most common reason behind such a problem is using incorrect POP and SMTP settings. The correct settings are as follows.
Incoming Server POP –

Port – 995

Security – SSL


Port – 993

Security – SSL

Outgoing Server SMTP –

Port – 587

TLS if available

Username Full email address
Server Limits Email box storage limit – 700 MB

Email send size limit – 10 MB


  • Make sure the password is working – The next thing that you need to confirm that your password is working. You can confirm the same by signing into your CenturyLink email account. You must remember that passwords are case sensitive. In case your password isn’t working then you will have to run CenturyLink email password recovery.

Advanced steps to fix  can’t send and receive emails     

If you are still not able to send/ receive embarqmail email then you should move on to the advanced troubleshooting measures given below.

  • Confirm CenturyLink email is not conflicting with your Firewall – You should ensure that there is no security conflict caused by your Firewall with this email service. It is easy to check if this is the problem with your device. All you need to do is temporarily disable your firewall and see if the problem resolves. Remember, you should turn on the firewall back after testing otherwise this will leave your PC vulnerable. If you can send or receive after turning off your firewall then you should update your settings
  • Check Software conflict with Antivirus – Along with the firewall, you must also look for any potential conflict between your Antivirus & Embarqmail email and resolve it. Disable the anti-virus software temporarily and try to receive/ send emails. Check the manual of your antivirus if you don’t know how to disable it temporarily.
  • Make sure your email inbox is not full – If there is no space available in your CenturyLink email account then you won’t be able to send or receive emails until you make room. The storage limits are as follows.
    • Email send size limit: 10 MB
    • Limits on the number of recipients: 50 contacts per message
    • Webmail and SMTP send limit: 35 messages per hour
    • Email box storage limit: 700 MB

Note: Please note that the limits we have discussed above are applicable for the following domains only,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Some tips to free up space in the CenturyLink email accounts are as follows.

  • You may consider deleting old and less important emails stored in sent, drafts, deleted/ trash and outgoing folders.
  • Another way to free up the space is sorting and filtering your messages by the attachment size. In this way, you can find large attachments. Download the large attachment and save the file to your computer and delete the email.

Can’t Send/ Receive Email Attachment on Centurylink Email

Those who are having trouble with email attachments can check out the following solutions.

  • First of all, confirm that you have the right software to open and read the file extension in case you aren’t able to read attachments.
  • Check the size of the file you are trying to send through your CenturyLink account. Make sure it is not beyond the permissible limit.
  • Some formats of the files are not supported by email services. So, you should also take care of the same.

Bonus Tip

  • Account Activity – Similarly to the many other applications available on the internet, an unused CenturyLink email account also gets deactivated. So, you should log in at least once a year in order to keep your CenturyLink active. Remember, accounts with inactivity of more than one year will be deactivated.

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