Create Email Account without Phone Number

An email account is the most basic necessity that we need to use the Internet effectively. Emails are often preferred for business communication because they are fast, cheap, accessible, and easily available. You can use them to effectively transmit all kinds of electronic data. Today, most email service providers want you to provide a phone number for verification.

Adding a phone number to an email account makes recoveries easier in case of password loss. However, due to privacy or security concerns, many of us don’t like to share our phone numbers. Thankfully, there are many service providers that let us create free email accounts without a phone number.

This post can help you a lot in case you are looking to create a new email account without a phone number. Here, we will let you know about the top email services that let you create an email account without a phone number verification.

Top 12 Free Email Service to Create email account without a phone number 2022

Here is our list of email services that allow email account creation without using a phone number.

  1. Tutanota

Tutanota is an amazing email service that headquarters in Germany. We strongly recommend this email if you are extra possessive about your security and privacy. It is the world’s most secure email service that uses end-to-end encryption and 2FA for top-notch security.

The basic version of Tutanota is free in which you get 1 GB storage with limited search and One calendar.

Supported Devices – Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, Web Browsers.

Reasons to Consider

  • Secure emailing with no ads
  • End to end encryption
  • Anonymous emailing available
  1. GMX Mail

Global Mail eXchange (GMX) is yet another email company from Germany. It provides an easy and smooth sign-up process without entering a phone number. You should definitely consider this email for your business account because it provides a 50 MB email attachment limit. So, you can send even large documents with ease. Other features of GMX like antivirus, email encryption, and an intelligent spam filter are also impressive.

Reasons to consider

  • Create up to 10 alias email addresses.
  • GMX Cloud gives you 2 GB of storage space for free.
  • Up to 65 GB email storage
  • 50 MB email attachment limit

You can also sign-up for without providing any phone number. This service is owned by 1&1 Mail & Media Inc. It is a German company but has its center in the United States as well. Signing up for is very easy. It hardly takes three minutes. You just have to provide your basic details and you are done.

Please note that requires you to have an existing email account for verification. Plus, it will show you ads in its free version.

Reasons to Consider

  • Access multiple email accounts at once.
  • Free Storage space of up to 2 GB
  • You can choose from 200 unique domains
  • It allows you to send files of up to 50 MB

Guerrillamail is great if you are looking to get an email for temporary use only. It let you create disposable email accounts for free without a phone number. We like this service because it helps you keep your permanent email inbox safe and clean.

The email accounts created through Guerrillamail are temporary. It doesn’t mean that the accounts are inferior in any means. You can even attach a file of a size up to 150 MB. It is better than many mainstream email services. Please note that your Guerillamail temporary email account will remain active forever unless you click on the “Forget me” button.

Reasons to consider

  • Temporary disposable email accounts
  • Email received in the email account is kept for 1 hour only. After that, the email gets deleted.
  • Attach files of up to 150 MB in size.
  1. Protonmail

Protonmail is a secure email service based in Switzerland. Having your email account on this service ensures that your data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. It uses end-to-end encryption and zero access encryption to secure emails. Apart from this, its inbox is designed in a scientific way to help you work faster. The company was founded in the year 2013 and today it is serving millions of customers online. The only drawback we find is that even the premium edition of Protonmail has a limit on the number of daily messages.

Reasons to consider

  • High-end security features
  • Open source services
  • Great user interface.
  1. Mailfence

In many aspects, Mailfence is very similar to Protonmail. It also gives great emphasis on the security of users. The mail service protects your data from getting leaked.  It was launched in November 2013 by ContactOffice Group, which has been operating an online collaboration suite for universities and other organizations since 1999. We liked the no ads, no spam, no tracker, no solicitation, and no backdoor policy of Mailfence. The free version allows 500 MB of email storage.

Reasons to consider

  • Browser-based service with no plug-ins and no add-ons.
  • High-level security with no third-party access to your data.
  • Your digitally signed email guarantees the recipient that it has been sent by you and only you.
  1. Yandex

Yandex is a Russian email company that lets you create email accounts for free. Please note that it does ask for a phone number at the time of signing up. However, you can skip the same by clicking on the “I don’t have a telephone number” button. Remember, if Yandex finds your account spammy then it can make it necessary for you to provide a phone number. This email service monitors the account activity strictly. So, go for Yandex only if you have no plans of spamming someone.

Reasons to consider

  • New accounts get 10 GB of cloud storage with Yandex.Disk
  • Highlights email from real people and sorts everything else into other folders
  • You can log into the Yandex app with your fingerprint
  • Built-in antivirus
  1. E4ward

E4ward is great to eliminate spam from your real (permanent) email account. It lets you create a different public email address for each of your contacts, called an alias. In this way, you will only receive emails from your contacts. In the free version, it allows you to create only one alias. The option of multiple aliases is available for premium users only. The drawback we find in E4ward is that its UI is not up to the mark and can be improved.

Reasons to consider

  • Offers a great way to keep your primary email account safe and clean.
  1. Mailnesia

Mailnesia is yet another service that lets you create disposable email accounts in seconds. Recently, the mobile version of the website is also launched which is very impressive. With a temporary email address, you get a good way to avoid unsolicited commercial emails and newsletters. We recommend you to provide Mailnesia email addresses while writing on websites, guestbooks, forums, etc.

Never share any sensitive information on disposable email account like Mailnesia because anyone with your mailbox name can read them.

Reasons to consider

  • Quick disposable temporary email accounts.
  • Messages are automatically deleted in a short time, usually after a few days based on the incoming mail rate.
  1. Email on Deck

Email on Deck works exactly like Mailnesia and E4ward. It provides you disposable email address after sign-up that works with any site or app. This email service is used by professionals around the globe for QA testing. The specialty of Email on Deck is that it is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-friendly. So, you can use it to buy or sell Bitcoins or trade cryptocurrency, at exchanges, or locally. It is one of the best services to create an email account without a phone number because it takes only two steps to do so.

Reasons to consider

  • Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency Friendly
  • Quick sign up
  1. OpenMailBox

If you a tech-savvy then you might have heard about OpenMailBox. It is a very popular free email service. In our opinion, it is one of the best emails that doesn’t require a phone number verification. Its user interface is stupendous and gives a free email address with 1 GB of storage. The service is completely ad-free and available in the following languages –  English, French, Italian, Irish, and Polish.

Reasons to consider

  • Free Email Forwarding
  • Ad-Free Environment
  • Up To 25MB Attachments
  • Real-Time Synchronization
  1. Mailnator

 Mailnator is awesome and loved by everyone who uses it. It puts millions of inboxes right at your fingertips. It is different from all email services we have mentioned in this post so far. With Mailnator, you can either create a public email address or use the one created by other users. You don’t need a phone number to start using Mailnator. The service is highly recommended for emailing but it can handle any kind of message including SMS. Remember, you should not share any sensitive information on Mailnator because it can be accessed by other users.

Reasons to consider

  • You can access messages via Web, API, and Webhooks
  • Users are allowed to choose from a large number of domains.
  • Good if you are looking to test the power of your emailing systems.

So, these are the top 12 emails that let you create an account without a phone number. Do we miss your favorite email service? Let us know through the comment section.

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