How to Recover Verizon Email Password?

Verizon Email Password recovery: One can easily understand how frustrating the situation can be when you forget your email password. Things can be even more scary if are expecting an important email from someone. That is the reason why you should know the reliable method by which you can recover your password back. If you are a Verizon Email user then you are quite lucky because it offers a simple yet reliable method for password recovery. After migrating its email service to AOL the user interface of Verizon has improved quite a lot.
This tutorial is for those users who can remember their Verizon email password or lost it due to any other reason. Here, we will discuss complete details about Verizon email password recovery method including the tips and tricks to create a new Verizon password.

How to recover Verizon Email Password?

You might know that the Verizon has now migrated its email users to AOL email service platform. So, in order to reset the password you need to visit AOL website. If you are unable to sign in to Verizon Email due to forgetting the password or your current password isn’t working then you should check the steps below:

  • First of all, you need to visit the Official AOL login page.
  • Then, provide the Verizon email address as your User ID and click on the sign-in button.
  • On the next screen, you should click on the “I forgot my password” button from the bottom of the login window.
  • Now, in sign-in helper, you need to enter Verizon email ID and click on the “Next” button.
  • Provide the phone number associated with your AOL/ Verizon email account.
  • Click “Next” and select “yes, text me a verification code” to receive the verification code on your phone.
  • Enter the verification code and click on the “Verify” button from the bottom.
  • After that, you have to enter a new password for your Verizon email account.
  • Finally, click on the “Save” button to conclude the Verizon email password recovery.

What if I don’t have a phone number associated with my Verizon email account?

Things can be a bit tricky if you don’t have access to Verizon password recovery phone number. Check the following instructions to reset Verizon password without a phone number.

  • The password recovery process will start as usual through the AOL website as mentioned above.
  • In sign-in helper, you need to click on the “Try another verification option” when you are asked to enter a phone number.
  • Then, Choose “Email a reset link to my recovery email address” option on the next screen.
  • Now, login to the recovery email address associated with your email account.
  • Locate and open the email with the following subject line – “Request to reset your password”.
  • Click on the reset password link from the email.
  • After that, you need to provide the new password for your Verizon email account on the next page.
  •  Finally, click on the “Save” button to finish the password recovery process.

Note: Apart from the alternate email ID, you may also answer the security question to retrieve Verizon email password.

How to change the password of your Verizon Email account?

If you know your current Verizon Email password and wants to alter it then you may check the instructions below:
• Sign in to your Verizon email account through AOL mail webpage using your user ID and current password.
• Make sure that the “Manage your account” category is open.
• On the next screen, you need to choose the “Change Password” option under the password.
• Then, enter a new Verizon password under “New Password” and “confirm password” boxes.
• Finally, click on the “save” button.
Guidelines to create a strong password for Verizon email
Here are some tips by which you can create a strong Verizon password and keep it safe.
• Never use obvious information like your nickname, date of birth as your password.
• Always try to keep a longer password. Remember, longer passwords are tough for a hacker to track.
• Never use patterns like “123456”, “abcdef”, “QWERTY” etc. in your password.
• Don’t use the same password for your multiple email accounts.
• Create your password in such a way that it should have a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.
• To keep your account safe, you should also keep changing your password from time to time.

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