How to Recover AOL password?

Recover AOL password? Being one of the most reputed email services on the planet, AOL is very strict as far as the security of its users is concerned. That’s why it never allows a user to sign-in unless he proves his identity by entering the correct password. It is true that forgetting the AOL password can result in a frustrating situation especially if you are looking to send an important email. However, there is nothing to panic about if you forgot AOL password because the process of AOL Password recovery is quite simple.
This article is for those users who can’t remember AOL password or lost it due to any other reason. Here, we will take you through the steps by which you can reset AOL mail password in the easiest manner.

Things to try before starting AOL password recovery

Before we move on and discuss the steps to recover AOL password there are some general helpful things that you should know.
1. First of all, make sure you actually need to reset the password of your AOL account. Ensure that you are not making any typing mistake while entering the current password.
2. Check your browser for the saves password. Most of the browsers these days have capabilities to store passwords. However, the browser will store a password only if you have given it permission to do so.
3. Make sure you have proper internet connectivity before initiating the AOL password recovery process.

How can I reset AOL Password with ease?

You should know that it is not possible to recover the last used password of your AOL account. Instead, you can only create a new AOL password after resetting it.
1. First of all, you need to visit the official login page of AOL and provide your AOL username
2. Click on the “Sign-in” button and “I forgot my password” on the next page.
3. Then, you have to enter your AOL username again and click on the “next” button.
4. Now, enter the phone number associated with your AOL email account.
5. Give AOL the permission to send a verification code to your phone by clicking on the “Yes, text me a verification code” button.
6. Enter the verification code that you will receive in the “Enter code” field and click on the “Verify” button.
7. Provide a new password for your AOL mail account and click on the “save” button.
The AOL Password recovery is now complete, you may sign in to your AOL mail account using your new password.

Recover AOL Password using an Alternate email address

If you don’t have a phone number linked with your AOL email account then you can use your alternate email account to reset the password.
1. The process to reset password will start in a similar way as discussed above.
2. You need to click on the “Try another verification option” when asked to provide the password recovery phone number.
3. Choose “Email a reset link to my recovery email address” and tap next.
4. Sign-in to the alternate email Id and look for the email message from AOL. The message will have the following subject line “Request to reset your password.”
5. Click on the “Reset Password” link available in the reset password email.
6. The link will send you to the AOL website where you have to enter a new password for your account.
7. Finally, click on the “Save” button to finish the AOL mail password recovery.

How to recover AOL Mail password without a phone number or alternate email ID?

Without a password recovery phone number or email ID, security questions are the only option you have to retrieve AOL password.
1. Choose “Answer security question” option when you were asked to select the verification method (phone number or alternate email ID)
2. Type in the answer to the security questions to the best of your knowledge.
3. In case you enter the password correctly then you will get an option to create a new password straight away.
4. Enter the new password and click “Save” to wrap up the password recovery.

Tips to create a safe password for AOL account

As you can see, you have to enter a new password while resetting the password. If you are wondering what is a good password for AOL mail account then you should check the points below:
• Try to make a longer password, as the longer passwords are considered more secure than the shorter ones.
• Avoid using obvious information like your name, date of birth, etc. as your password.
• Try to make your password in such a way that it has upper case letters, lower case letter, numbers and symbols.
How to remember passwords?
For some people (especially with multiple email accounts) remembering the password can be an extremely tough job. Here are some ways to remember password with ease.
• Use password managers; there are many password managers available online that can surely help you save your password effectively.
• Alternatively, you may save the passwords in the internet browser as well. However, we recommend you to avoid saving passwords in case you use your AOL email account on a public computer.
• Avoid saving hand-written notes regarding your password as they are not safe.
We hope that this tutorial helped you recover AOL password. However, if you are still having some problems then you should get in touch with the AOL mail customer service

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