IMAP Server not Responding on iPhone

AOL is one of the most popular and most cherished email services in the world. The reason why AOL is so famous is its adaptability to different devices. You can use AOL with various devices including Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Please note that in order to set up an AOL account on your android or iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.) you must enter the correct IMAP settings.

One of the most common error that a person have to face every now and then while setting up on AOL email account on iPhone is “ IMAP server not responding”. We request you to go through this post completely in case you are also facing troubles due to the IMAP server. Here, we are going to provide you the complete step-by-step solutions to fix this problem in an accurate manner.

Common reasons why IMAP.AOL.COM is not responding on iOS devices

There is no doubt that AOL is a very capable email service that works flawlessly on most devices including iPhone, iPad, etc. However, at the same time, we should also note that like all other email services AOL also involves a lot of technicalities. Courtesy of these technicalities, issues like not responding are quite common. Given below is the list of some of the most common factors resulting in problems like IMAP.AOL.COM isn’t responding on iPhone.

  • Weak Internet Connection – It is possible that the browser on which you are configuring might not be connected to the internet. We all know AOL is a web-based email service. So, as long as you don’t connect to the internet it is not possible to use AOL email at all. No internet connection can also result in the IMAP server not responding on iPhone problem.
  • Incorrect IMAP settings – As stated earlier in this post, it is necessary to enter the correct IMAP settings in order to use email flawlessly through the Mail app of your iPhone. In case you enter the incorrect IMAP settings then you may result in various problems such as IMAP server not responding on iPhone. That’s why it is often recommended that you should enter the IMAP settings carefully while configuring AOL email on an iPhone.
  • Servers are down in your area – The possibility of this issue is quite less. However, we still can’t ignore it. It is also possible that the AOL servers might be down in your area. In this kind of situation, you don’t have to do anything because the AOL team might be already working to fix the issue.
  • Third-party app causing the problem – There is also a possibility that there might be a third-party app installed on your iPhone that is not allowing AOL to execute IMAP settings properly. This issue can be extremely troublesome because it is very tough to identify which application is actually causing the problem.
  • Virus infection – A virus infection is also responsible for many problems in an iPhone. It is quite possible that your phone might be infected by a virus due to which you are currently unable to launch the application. Some viruses are designed especially just to disrupt the ability of an iPhone to use the email service.

Fix IMAP Server not responding on iPhone

To fix the problem you are facing currently you need to identify the exact issue responsible for the problem.  It is very tough for us to suggest to you an exact solution without knowing the exact factor due to which you are facing the issue. Still, we have compiled a list of easy solutions that you can try in order to combat IMAP server not responding on iPhone errors effectively.

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure that the device on which you are using configuring AOL email i.e. your iPhone is connected to the internet. To check if you are connected to the internet you should try to open another website on your iPhone. In case the other website opens up smoothly then it is a clear indication that there is no problem with the internet connection. In case of a problem with the internet connection, you should contact your Internet service provider.
  • Then, you must check and confirm that you are using the correct IMAP settings. You can find the correct IMAP settings of AOL for iPhone through the official website.
  • Another effective method to fix the IMAP server not responding on iPhone is switching to POP settings. Please note that POP settings are much less functional than IMAP settings.
  • You should also confirm that you are not using the third-party application that can block the proper functionality of IMAP settings.
  • Ensure that your iPhone is not infected with any kind of virus or malware. To check that you should scan your iPhone using a good antimalware application.
  • In case the problem continues then you should remove the account from your iPhone and configure it back again. Make sure you configure the account again using the correct IMAP/ POP
  • The problem should get fixed once you are done following all the steps mentioned above. However, if the issue continues then you may use through the web browser. Else, download the AOL app from the app store.

Steps to reinstall IMAP server

As you can see from the above solutions, you remove from your computer and configure it back again to fix the IMAP server not responding on iPhone.

  • First of all, you need to go to the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Then, you are required to tap on “Other” followed by “Add mail account”.
  • In the next step, you should enter your name, email address, password, and description for your account.
  • After that, you must tap “Next”. Mail will try to find the email settings and finish your account setup. In case mail finds your email settings and then tap “Done” to finish up your account setup.

Manual IMAP settings to configure email on an iPhone

Protocol Server Settings Port Settings
POP 3 Incoming mail server (POP3):

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

POP3 – 995 – SSL

SMTP – 465 – SSL

IMAP Incoming mail server (IMAP):

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

IMAP – 993 – SSL

SMTP – 465 – SSL

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – 1: Is it possible to set up email on iPhone using automatic settings?

Answer: Yes, automatic settings to add email on iPhone is available. However, you may also configure the account easily by following the manual settings mentioned in this post.

Question – 2: I have just configured email account on my iPhone but I can’t sign in?

Answer: You should be able to sign in easily if you are entering the correct username and password. Make sure you are entering the correct username and password. In case you can’t remember your password then you should launch AOL password recovery and reset AOL password.

Question – 3: Can you please tell me what is the correct POP settings to add email to an iPhone?

Answer: The correct POP settings to configure email to an iPhone are as follows.

Incoming server settings

  • POP server:
  • POP login: your AOL screen name
  • AOL Mail POP password: your AOL screen name password
  • Mail POP port: 995
  • Mail SSL required: yes

Outgoing server settings

  • AOL Mail outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • AOL Mail Port using SSL/TLS: 587

Question – 4: Are the IMAP settings to configure email on iPhone different for various versions of the iPhone?

Answer: No, the IMAP settings remain the same no matter which version of the iPhone you are using.

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