Fix AOL Desktop Not Working On Windows 11/10

AOL Desktop Not Working On Windows 11/10: mailing, browsing, surfing all has been made easy with AOL Desktop. It also has special features that protect your account from hacking and virus attacks. Despite all these, problems still find their way with AOL Desktop, creating trouble for the users working with it. The not working of AOL Desktop can be really distasteful if not solved in time. To help the users in fixing the AOL Desktop not working on Windows 10 issue, this article here presents the different possible solutions. Those looking for the ways to resolve this issue are suggested to go through the complete article.

Common Reasons for AOL Desktop Not Working

A long list of reasons can be there as to why you are facing difficulty in working with AOL Desktop. Once you found out what the actual reason behind the problem is, it becomes easier for you to troubleshoot it. Some of the common reasons behind the AOL Desktop not working on Windows 10 are given below.

  • Slow internet speed can make it seem like AOL Desktop is not working when the actual problem is with the net connection.
  • AOL Desktop installed in a system that is running out of space, is outdated or is infected by virus will not work properly.
  • The email service that you have set up with AOL Desktop, if not configured correctly will create AOL Desktop not working issue.
  • AOL Desktop in your system is either incompatible with your Windows 10 or has gone out of date.
  • Interference with any third-party software is also one of the major reasons behind the AOL Desktop not working issue.
  • Conflict with any other email client can also cause the not working problem with the AOL Desktop.

Simple Solutions for AOL Desktop Not Working

Some ways are there in which the users can easily fix the AOL Desktop not working on Windows 10 problem all by themselves. If the problem is due to any generic reason, it can be fixed without much expertise. However, if there is any major technical glitch that has caused the not working of AOL Desktop, users can contact the AOL Desktop customer service for the solution.

Below given are some simple ways to fix the AOL Desktop not working issue on Windows 10 to help users troubleshoot the problem. Let us have a look at them in detail.

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that your internet connection is fine. Try loading a web page on your browser. If it takes too much time to load the page, then there is definitely a problem with your internet. To fix this, restart the medium (modem or router) that you are using to connect to the internet. Once it restarts, connect your PC again to the internet and open AOL Desktop.
  2. Next you need to check the problems with the AOL Desktop. This software must be compatible with your Windows device or else you won’t be able to work with it, even if you were able to install it (incompatible device is most expected to show problem while downloading AOL Desktop). Below given are the important system requirements for AOL Desktop. Make sure that your system meets all these requirements.
  • 512 MB of free space on your hard drive
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • 266 MHz or faster computer processor
  • 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution

Apart from being compatible, it is also necessary that the AOL Desktop is up-to-date. The AOL Desktop must be updated to its latest version. You can get the latest update of AOL Desktop from its official site.

  1. If there is no problem with your internet and your AOL Desktop, chances are that there are some issues with your system. Make sure that there is no virus infection in your system. Scan your device using an antivirus program and completely remove the threats found, if any. Try reopening AOL Desktop once your system is infection-free.

A system running low on hard disk space can also create problems with AOL Desktop. So, if your hard disk is full or almost full, you need to remove unwanted programs and delete the files you need no longer. Once considerable amount of space is freed up, you can now work with AOL Desktop without any interruption.

Also, make sure that you system is updated all the time. Microsoft release updates for your Windows from time to time. These updates have the patches to fix many issues and therefore should always be installed in your system.

If all is well with your system and still you cannot use AOL Desktop, restart it. As easy it may sound, but sometimes, a simple restart can fix many small issues occurring in your system.

  1. The not working of AOL Desktop can also be due to interference with another email client being used or any other third-party software running in your device. If you are using any such interfering program, it is advised to temporarily stop it for the time you are working on AOL Desktop. After your work with AOL Desktop is complete, you can now turn those programs on.
  2. If no other method of solving the AOL Desktop not working on Windows 10 problem worked, you can reinstall it on your computer. But make sure that this is the last thing that you do. To do this, simply uninstall AOL Desktop from control panel and download and install it from its official site.

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